Discussion Forum on the vision of a Slovakia’s sustainable

Bratislava, November 9, 2022. At the invitation of the Rector of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava (STU), Oliver Moravčík, Marek Sobola took part in the Discussion Forum, which was dedicated to the preparation of the Vision of Sustainable Development of Slovakia 2050. The event at the premises of the Slovak Technical University was part of the Week of Science and Technology. The patronage of the event was taken over by the Rector of STU and organized by the SPECTRA Center of Excellence of the European Union at STU in Bratislava in cooperation with the Slovak Association for the Club of Rome and the Society for Sustainable Life in the Slovak Republic. Servare et Manere was invited as it fully contributes to the fulfillment of the sustainable development goals of UN Agenda 2030 in the Slovak Republic and in the partner countries of the international initiative Tree of Peace.

Diskusné fórum o vízii udržateľného Slovenska Servare et Manere

Author of text / messages: Servare et Manere
Source of the photo: TASR Jaroslav Novák
Source of text: STU Bratislava