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Inauguration of the Tree of Peace in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein, Schaan, June 4, 2021. One year ago, one of the Trees of Peace was planted also in Liechtenstein. Due to the strict measures at the time concerning the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, a tree at the headquarters of our partner, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA International), was planted only at a distance. The then Ambassador of Slovakia to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Mrs. Andrea Elscheková Matisová, was very credited with gaining this partner. Today, a year after planting, we have successfully inaugurated the Tree of Peace project in Liechtenstein with the grand opening of the renovated Alpine House (Netzwerkstatt Alpen) and the unveiling of a Memorial pillar.

The event was attended by several important guests under strict conditions. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Her Excellency Mrs. Sabine Monauni, Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein and Minister of Home Affairs, Economy and Environment of Liechtenstein. In addition to the founder of the Tree of Peace, Marek Sobola and members of Servare et Manere, the Slovak Republic was also represented by Mr. Alexander Micovčin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Republic to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein diplomacy was represented by Mrs. Doris Frick, Ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein to Bern. CIPRA International was represented by its President, Mrs. Katharina Conradin and Mr. Kaspar Schuler, Director of CIPRA International. The Swiss Presidency of the Alpine Convention was represented by Mrs. Silvia Jost and the event was also attended by the Mayor of Schaan, Mr. Daniel Hilti.

After the ceremonial opening of the Alpine House, Kaspar Schuler, Alexander Micovčin and Marek Sobola, CEO of Servare et Manere, who is responsible for the implementation of the International Tree of Peace, addressed the audience. Marek Sobola after his speech awarded CIPRA International the Memorial Medal of Tree of Peace, a high award of Servare et Manere, which was awarded to the organization for the very first time. On behalf of CIPRA International, Kaspar Schuler took over the Medal for the contributions to the preservation of the cleanliness of the environment, the enlightenment of ecology and the contribution to peace. Subsequently, Mrs. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs together with the Slovak Ambassador, unveiled the Memorial pillar of the Tree of Peace. Then all the important guests together irrigated a memorial tree as a symbol of cooperation, integration and understanding between nations.

The national newspaper Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, the oldest daily newspaper in Liechtenstein, whose editorial office is located in Schaan and has a circulation of 9,000 copies, reported on the event the next day. Liechtenstein’s television 1 FL TV also reported on the inauguration of the Peace Tree in Schaan.



Author of text / messages: Marek Sobola / 1 FL TV
Source of the photo: Marek Sobola, Paul Trummer
Source of text: Liechtensteiner Volksblatt / Servare et Manere