Tree of Peace_Daniel Hilti, Kaspar Schuler, Marek Sobola, Sabine Monauni, Silvia Jost, Katharina Conradin and Doris Frick

Photoreport: Tree of Peace in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein, Schaan, June 4, 2021. The official inauguration of the building, an open day and a visit from the “Klimaspuren”: a number of events took place at the “Netzwerkstatt Alpen” in Schaan on the occasion of World Environment Day and the Alpine-wide Climate Hour.

“None of us can achieve sustainability alone: this requires partnerships between the state, civil society and business”, emphasised Sabine Monauni, Liechtenstein’s Minister for the Environment and the Economy, in her welcoming remarks at the opening of the “Netzwerkstatt Alpen” (Alpine House). After the inauguration set for last autumn was postponed, the new headquarters of CIPRA International, LGU (Liechtenstein Society for Environmental Protection) and VLGST (Association of Liechtenstein Non-Profit Foundations and Trusts) was officially inaugurated before a small circle of invitees. Katharina Conradin, President of CIPRA International, describes the “Netzwerkstatt Alpen” as a place of social energy where solutions to the major Alpine problems are jointly and enthusiastically addressed. “In future this will be where philanthropy meets ecology, and charitable finance meets committed environmental protection”, says Daniel Hilti, leader of the municipality of Schaan. The municipality has granted CIPRA a 60-year lease on the building, which has been an imposing feature of the village for many decades now. Hilti is convinced that this will generate valuable synergies. Common ground is also the focus of the Slovakian NGO “Servare et Manere”, which has planted a tree in the garden of the Netzwerkstatt. With the “Tree of Peace” project, founder Marek Sobola wants to contribute to peaceful understanding between nations and the idea of nature conservation. The young summer lime tree (Tilia platyphyllos) was unveiled in the presence of Alexander Micovčin, the Slovakian Ambassador.

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Author of text / messages: Marek Sobola
Source of the photo: Nora Leszczynski
Source of text: CIPRA International