Albrecht Tintelnot Marek Sobola Servare et Manere

Slovak Honorary Consul in Leipzig laureate of the Servare et Manrere Memorial Medal

Rep. n° 24/2023

Leipzig/Ballenstedt, September 15, 2023. Dr. Albrecht Tintelnot, Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic to the German Federal States of Saxony and Thuringia, received from the hands of the Servare et Manere Secretary-General and Honorary Consul of Romania to Slovakia the Memorial Medal of Tree of Peace, high award of Servare et Manere. The Medal was handed over in Leipzig. The Medal was awarded to Dr. Tintelnot for his noteworthy contributions to the planting Tree of Peace in the area of ​​the Monument to the Battle of the Nations (German: Völkerschlachtdenkmal) area in Leipzig.

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