Servare et Manere Duarte Pio de Bragança Marek Sobola

Portuguese Royal Family visited Slovakia

Rep. n° 16/2023

Bratislava, June 12, 2023. Today, at the invitation of Servare et Manere, the Portuguese Royal Family visited Bratislava to receive the association’s high honours in the Church of St. Elizabeth (Slovak: Kostol svätej Alžbety), better known as the Blue Church. The Head of the Royal House of Portugal, His Royal Highness Dom Duarte, Duke of Braganza was accompanied by his wife, Her Royal Highness Dona Isabel, Duchess of Braganza and their son Dom Afonso, Prince of Beira.

The ceremony began with a Holy Mass in support of peace in the world and friendship between nations, which was celebrated by Colonel Jozef Paluba, Episcopal vicar of the Ordinariate of the Slovak Armed Forces and Armed Corps. In addition to the Royal Family, His Excellency Fernando Manuel de Jesus Teles Fazendeiro, the Portuguese Ambassador to Slovakia, also attended the event. After the Holy Mass, on the basis of previous announcements, the Secretary-General of Servare et Manere handed over the royal couple with awards. Her Royal Highness Duchess of Braganza was awarded the Memorial Medal of Tree of Peace for her services in uniting nations at the international level and also for her significant contribution to the preservation of traditions and work in the charitable field. His Royal Highness Duke of Braganza, was awarded the Memorial Medal of Tree of Peace in Special class with rubies for his extraordinary activities and actions in promoting friendship and understanding between nations at the international level.

As the Royal Family visited Slovakia and Bratislava for the first time ever, Servare et Manere prepared another accompanying program. At the Bratislava Castle, the delegation was welcomed by art historian Mrs. Alena Piatrová and archaeologist Mr. Juraj Kucharík from the Slovak National Museum to guide the special guests through the most interesting areas of the Castle.

Author of text / messages: Marek Sobola
Source of the photo: Lukáš Macek
Source of text: Servare et Manere