Memorial to Slovak Lieutenant Colonel Ľubomír Orsag in North Macedonia

Skopje/Tetovo, July 19, 2021. Dr. Marek Sobola, CEO of Servare et Manere and Mr. Henrik Markuš, Ambassador of Slovakia to North Macedonia, met today on the ground of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of North Macedonia with Lieutenant Colonel Biljana Nikolovska, head of the Department for Civil-Military Cooperation with the Regional Defence Centers […]

Tree of Peace Monument to the Battle of the Nations Völkerschlachtdenkmal

Tree of Peace in Leipzig

Leipzig, July 15, 2021. Since 2019, the Tree of Peace has also been growing in Germany. The Tree was planted in the area of the impressive Battle of the Nations Memorial (German: Völkerschlachtdenkmal) in the presence of Dr. Albrecht Tintelnot, the Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic for the Federal States of Saxony and Thuringia. […]

Peter I Karađorđević Tree of Peace Strom pokoja

Centenary of the Death of King Peter I Karađorđević

Belgrade/Žilina, July 8, 2021. This year we will commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Death of King Peter I Karađorđević of Serbia (11 July [O.S. 29 June] 1844 – 16 August 1921). Under his command, Slovaks and Czechs fought during World War I in the 1st Serbian Volunteer Division. Servare et Manere will also honour this important […]

His Majesty King Simeon II Friend of Peace

His Majesty King Simeon II is one of the Friends of Peace

Žilina, July 7, 2021. Exactly a year ago, on July 7, 2020 our project was honoured with high attention. The honorary title and honourable mention entitled Friend of Peace was accepted by His Majesty King Simeon II. Last year, during a very difficult period, COVID 19 pandemic disrupted a number of praiseworthy initiatives and events. […]

Holocaust Victims Memorial Tree of Peace

17th Tree of Peace was dedicated to the Holocaust Victims

פרוייקט בינלאומי עץ החיים לזכרם של קורבנות השואה

World Peace Bell Association_ワールドピースベル協会_Tree of Peace

Memorandum of Understanding with the World Peace Bell Association

Žilina July 2 / Tokyo June 22, 2021. Based on similar peace goals leading to a deepening of mutual understanding and friendship between countries around the world, Servare et Manere and the international World Peace Bell Association (ワールドピースベル協会) based in Tokyo have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (English and Japanese version). The World Peace Bell […]