Veleposlaništvo Republike Slovenije v Bratislavi Servare et Manere

Slovenian Embassy appreciated the long-standing diplomatic relations with Slovakia

Rep. n° 09/2023

Žilina, Ružomberok, Martin, April 12 – 13, 2023. By planting four commemorative lime trees (Tilia cordata) in three Slovak cities, the Slovenian Embassy in Bratislava (Veleposlaništvo Republike Slovenije v Bratislavi) commemorated thirty years of diplomatic relations between Slovenia and Slovakia. On Wednesday, April 12, in Žilina’s “Sad na Studničkách” park, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Slovenia to Slovakia His Excellency dr. Stanislav Raščan, the Vice-Mayor of Žilina Ján Ničík and Marek Sobola, the Secretary-General of Servare et Manere, which was a partner of the initiative in all three cities, planted a small-leaved lime. Next to the memorial tree, was unveiled a metal commemorative plaque with the text: “This linden tree was planted by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Bratislava on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Slovenia and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Slovenia and Slovakia.” The Slovenian Ambassador connected the activity with the environmental project of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association (Čebelarska zveza Slovenije), which initiated a project to plant honey-bearing plants as part of increasing biodiversity in the country. “Since it is a diplomatic and environmental activity, connected to beekeeping and increasing biodiversity in cities, the event is also symbolically related to the planned implementation of green roofs at the Municipal Office in Žilina, which is adjacent to the Sad na Studničkách park,” said the association Servare et Manere. According to Marek Sobola, who is also an registered landscape & urban architect, the usual herbal composition of extensive green roofs mainly consists of Sedum. “They are also honey-bearing plants. Perhaps several beehives could be placed on the roof of the Municipal Office in Žilina, so that this interesting environmental project could continue in our city,” added Sobola.

After Žilina, on the same day, another linden tree was planted at the Mondi SCP Company premises in Ružomberok in the presence of the Mayor of the city Ľubomír Kubáň, the Chairman of the Board of the Mondi SCP Company Miloslav Čurilla and the Executive Director Matjaž Gorjup. The planting of memorial trees continued the next day with two events in Martin. The Slovenian Ambassador visited the Slovak National Library in Martin (Slovenská národná knižnica) and together with Marek Sobola and the Director-General of the library Mrs. Katarína Krištofová, planted another honey-bearing tree in the Friendship Park (Park priateľstva). The entire project was completed by planting in “Hviezdoslavov park” in the wider center of Martin in the presence of the Vice-Mayor of the city, Mr. Adam Žilák. The News Agency of the Slovak Republic reported about the event.


Veleposlanik dr. Stanislav Raščan je 12. in 13. aprila 2023 skupaj z Marekom Sobolom, predstavnikom organizacije Servare et Manere, posadil lipo kot medovito drevo in v spomin 30 obletnice navezave diplomatskih od odnosov med Slovenijo in Slovaško ter na pobudo Dan medovitih rastlin Slovenske čebelarske zveze.

Mit der Pflanzung von vier Linden in drei slowakischen Städten – Žilina, Ružomberok und Martin – gedenkt die slowenische Botschaft in Bratislava der dreißig Jahre diplomatischer Beziehungen zwischen Slowenien und der Slowakei. Darüber informierte der Verein Servare et Manere aus Žilina, der sich gemeinsam mit dem bevollmächtigten Botschafter Sloweniens in der Slowakei Stanislav Raščan und dem Vizebürgermeister von Žilina Ján Ničík an der feierlichen Pflanzung im nordslowakischen Žilina beteiligt hatte.

Author of text / messages: Marek Sobola
Source of the photo: Lukáš Macek, Slovak national library, Mondi SCP Ružomberok
Source of text: News Agency of the Slovak Republic, Veleposlaništvo Republike Slovenije v Bratislavi, Jana Hrbeková